Welcome to Wolcott School!!

Wolcott School 
200 N. Wolcott St. 
Thornton, IL 60476 
Phone: (708) 877-2526 
Fax: (708) 877-2537

Wolcott School is a K-8 building located in Thornton, IL.  We serve approximately 215 students.  Wolcott holds high academic standards for its students, and we are very proud of the achievement that our students have attained.





Early Registration for the 2015-2016 School Year will begin on June 15th.

You may come in to register your student(s) Monday through Thursday, 9AM to 12PM in the Wolcott School Office.  Evening registration will take place on Tuesday, July 7, 2015.  Register during this period and save $50.00 on your per student fees!  If you register and pay after July 7th, you do not get the savings and fees will be $170.00 per student.


Proof of residency will be required at the time of registration.  You must show one of the following with your name and current address:

Mortgage papers/payment book/proof of payment (i.e. cancelled check or receipt)

Real estate tax bill

Apartment/house signed lease w/names of children and proof of payment

You must also show two of the following with your name and current address:

Utility bill (i.e. gas, water, electric, phone)

Valid Illinois Driver’s License or Illinois State ID

Homeowner’s or apartment insurance document and premium payment receipt

Automobile insurance card

Voter’s registration card

Village of Thornton vehicle license application and sticker number

Current Public Aid card


School District #154 does not accept non-resident students.  If a student is determined to be a non-resident of the District for whom tuition must be charged, the persons enrolling the student are liable for non-resident tuition from the date the student began attending a District school as a non-resident and the student will be removed from enrollment.

A person who knowingly enrolls or attempts to enroll in this School District on a tuition-free basis a student known by that person to be a non-resident of the District is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor, except in very limited situations as defined in State Law (105 ILCS 5/10-20.12b(e).

A person who knowingly or willfully presents to the School District any false information regarding the residency of a student for the purposes of enabling that student to attend any school in that District without the payment of a non-resident tuition charge is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor

(105 ILCS 5/10-20.12b (f).

New students and Kindergarten students will need their ORIGINAL birth certificates and proof of immunization.  Students entering 6th grade must show proof of two (2) Hepatitis B vaccine shots and a Tdap shot before they may enter school.  Students entering K, 2 and 6 must show proof of a dental exam.  Student entering Kindergarten must show proof of an eye exam.

Wolcott School Supply Lists


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